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What the hell is going on out there?

I love a good quote from Vince Lombardi.

Anyway, to answer St. Lombardi; I pretty much need a creative outlet to let my inner-bloviator run rampant.

So without further ado, here is a quick description of each page:


My thoughts and takes on things that relate to all things around this great big blue marble I like to call ‘Earth’. Updated bi-weekly.


My State of the Union done every week. Warning: this page may inspire a lot of ire. Reader beware! Updated bi-weekly.


Interesting things happening in Seattle. Updated bi-weekly.


Inner thoughts and stories that others may relate to. Updated bi-weekly.


My true expertise lies in this arena. I’ll try to limit my know-it-all qualities to make it more readable. Eh, no I won’t. Updated bi-weekly.

Pop Culture

Pretty much me telling you what to watch, listen to, etc. Wow, I sound like my mom. Updated bi-weekly.


In all honestly, this section will be the most informative. My friend Josh and I try as many as 10 new beers a week and rate them. Hopefully this may inspire a more in depth blog than just a simple page on a personal website, but for now this will do. Again, beer lovers who live in Seattle can get something out of this section. Updated weekly.

Top 10s

A little flavor of my tastes in a myriad of subjects.

About Me

My bio


So the plan is to update these sections bi-weekly (twice a week). Monday will be Global/Personal, Tuesday will be National/Sports, Wednesday will be Local/Pop Culture, Thursday will be Global/National/Local, Friday will be Personal/Sports/Pop Culture. Weekend will be the Beer. Let’s see how long this lasts.