Help!!! I'm Blind!!!!

I can’t see!!!! The eclipse blinded me!!!!

Just kidding. Here is Seattle, we had 92% coverage. And how did I see it and still keep my peepers peepin’? Well, the good people from Pizza Hut had a way of making a pizza box into a pinhole projector. So I made one. No joke.

And guess what? It actually worked!! Really well I might add. People gathered around me to see this thing. This is actually true; I made something that people were interested in. First time for anything huh?

Anyway, I can’t write this week because this week I am journeying to Denver to see family. When I come back, I’ll have all sorts of ideas, such as…..uhhhh……well…….something will come up I bet.

So wish me safe travels and I’ll chat with you soon. :)