100 Days of Trumpatude

We operate in base 10. I have always felt we should be a base 12 society (more on that in another post), but we are in a base 10 world.

Hence this somewhat arbitrary ‘100 day’ deadline we all use to measure the quality of a presidency.

So let’s look at what Trump has done in his first 100 days:

  • Nominated a Supreme Court judge

  • Uhhh

  • Errrrrrr

  • ‘crickets’

Hmmm, doesn’t look like much. And even that ‘accomplishment’ was done mostly by GOP lackeys and not himself.

OK OK, to be fair, maybe he hasn’t done much in the first 100 days in terms of passing legislation or helping the nation. However he has done some other things that are worth noting:

  • He miserably failed trying to pass a health care that even his own party said sucked

  • He lost a warship around the East China Sea

  • He has extolled a dictator beyond Putin (Erdogan)

  • He said the past president bugged his room. This did not happen

  • He wants to overhaul the tax code to give millions of dollar breaks to the wealthiest of the wealth, while cutting programs and entitlements that his blue collar following depend on

  • He still wants to build a wall despite no official authority on the Mexican/American border deeming this a worthy use of tax payer funds

  • He wants to make huge cuts to scientific programs like the NIH, CDC, and EPA

  • He assembled a cabinet filled with people who are just as unqualified as he is in that subject matter

  • He lies, lies, lies, lies, and lies

Yet, a recent Washington Post poll said that 96% of the people who voted for him do NOT have voter’s remorse. Maybe in base-12 100 days they will, but not right now.

Doing some loose math, 48% voted for that fat orange monster. About 50% of the people voted. So that is 24%. 96% of 24% is about 23%.

This means 23% of the United States are stupid and ignorant as hell.

Again, this is your country, not mine. I refuse to associate myself with a place where almost a quarter of the population are mentally unfit to process information in a reasonable way. But it is the country I happen to live in, so I have to deal with this nonsense.

I don’t have time to go into all the issues with this president, I mean I do have a job and am quite bust today. But he is a complete embarassment to this nation. Every time I see him on screen, I cringe. Every time I hear him speak, I think he is missing a lobe in his brain. I mean there is nothing redeeming about this crass, thin-skinned, cowardly, self-obsessed, egomaniac. Nothing.

The only think that makes me feel a little better is that apparently the UK and France has just as many stupid people as the US does.