Oh My God....This Guy Again?

Howard Schultz is may the worst man in the world.


Not completely sure about that because I don’t know everyone in the world. But I can tell you that he is up there in that rare 1% of people who can vie for the title of ‘Worst Person in the World’.

Granted, living in Seattle has taught me to hate this man more than most; he is public enemy #1 to this very day. But there are many reasons why he is hated:

  • Right after buying the Seattle Sonics, Howard wrote a book about his great exploits in the business world as well as his strong connection and ‘civic responsibility’ he has towards Seattle once buying the Sonics. He would appear at all the home games, hobnobbing with local celebs and acting the big shot.

  • Later on, Schultz asked the city of Seattle to build a brand new arena to be paid for by the city 100%. The city said no. Schultz threatened to sell the team to a man named Clay Bennett, a real estate maven in Oklahoma City and is David Stern’s best buddy. As you know, Schultz did sell full well knowing the team would be moved due to Clay living in another city and Stern would give him approval.

  • After the sale, the city went crazy and pretty much shamed him out of Seattle. During this time, Schultz would never address how he violated his ‘civic responsibly’ and even have vocal questioners of this sale in public appearances escorted out.

  • 13 years later, he has now written a book. For $20, you can read his apology to Seattle. In the same month, he announced his presidency. Hmmm, funny timing huh. Maybe the most hollow of hollow apologies ever issued.

  • During his interview about why running for president, he has presented no ideas. He talks about ‘uniting the nation’ and restoring respectability to the country, whatever that means (see his record in Seattle if you think he can do those things).

  • The only real ideas he presented were about what he didn’t want to be seen done, mainly his thoughts about not taxing people making over $10 million. This is not a big issue in America. WE have far greater issues in the country than how to handle this one little aspect. So what this means is his true motivation is to stop the possible taxation of his income bracket. Basically he just wants to save himself money. He doesn’t care, or know at all, about other issues. Also he likes attention.

It is amazing how insulated people can get. No one likes this man at all. NO ONE!!!! Look at the media on either side of the political spectrum and see their reaction to him. Yet he snugly thinks he is loved by the people and really has a chance of winning.

Howard Schultz is a disgusting fool who deserves nothing from no one. He has zero chance of winning, yet he will be willing to jeopardize the Dems shot just so he can bask in his own crapulence.