I...don't want Robot

A few days ago, Airbus just relased news that they used a 3-D printer to create…….

Well before I get into that, what would you guess……..

An action figure? A plastic statue of Darth Maul? Fake vomit?

No, no, and I wish it was so, but no.

It was an electric motorcycle.

I think you can trust Fox News on this one:

So Airbus, which is a business far worse than Boeing, is thrying to show that these 3-D printers can be used to not only creat weird plastic figures of ourselves, but can actually create something that is a metal alloy and can conduct eletricity (in a good way). I think their plans are to someday make plane parts that are exact copies of each other, lower their costs, and fire all the workers. Don’t worry just yet blue collar folk, this bike cost a lot as of right now.

But, is this the only agenda for Airbus, an obviously evil and vastly inferior corporation ot Boeing?

Hmmm, I’m not so sure.

If you carefully arrange the letters of ‘Airbus’, and add a few letters in, you get the word ‘Skynet’. Yes….SKYNET!!! The same Skynet that made the Terminator robots and pretty much destroyed the world as we will know it.

Do not be suprised if we do not stop Airbus, ala Skynet, they will soon be making metal alloy parts….for robots!!! And if there is one thing the Syfy channel has taught me is that these robots will eventually turn on their creators. Robots will replace people, robots will become soldiers, scientists, maybe even competing bloggers, and finally will rid us from this planet.

I for one do not want to go the way of the Dodo or Zoroastrianism and become an afterthought. We need to stop these evil people at Airbus/Skynet and halt their good-hearted-but-soon-will-turn-to-a-bad idea and contain this nonsense. Linda Hamilton is too old to save us, Eddie Furlong is in jail, and let’s face it; Arnie’s body looks like a sorry sack of potatoes.

Let us all unite and quell their dangerous technogoly before it is too late, or at least before another awful Terminator movie is filmed.