A House Divided Cannot Stand

About one year, one of the worst, violent, scariest, and most downright idiotic events happened in American history.

No, it is not the riots on January 6th.

It is January 7th; the day the Republican party decided to downplay the hurtful importance of this event, shrug off their responsibility for it, and even lied about what happened (from saying the rioters were not rioting just walking around to the rioters were Antifa in disguise as Trump supporters).

There is no question that what happened on Jan 6 was one of the two worst things that happened in my lifetime in America. But the fact a bunch of slack-jawed yokels who are stupider than they are pathetic should not, and do not, have the power to destroy a country. The real issue is that those elected leaders that claim to represent said country……you know the ones…..the ones that all went to Ivy League schools and then return to a state where it is easy to gain a seat by holding a Bible in one hand, an AR-15 in another, and suddenly adopt a southern drawl. These pieces of garbage are the people who actually have the education, know-how, and elected authority to protect us from wild and violent people.

They didn’t.

And what’s even worse, the party has used this event to fund raise and strengthen their allegiance to dangerous lies and the disgusting pushers of said lies. In other words, if you support wanting them to keep their power, you can get away with anything.

Now this is not every single Republican. Mostly notably Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger have said things about Jan 6 that one would expect from any normal person; this was bad and we have to investigate this. And what has this line of thought brought them inside their party; censorship and the pulling of funds. In fact, Kinzinger isn’t even going to run again (how brave of you Adam). So if there was any doubt where the Grand Ole Party stands on a violent coup, there you have it.

This is not even about ideological differences. Even though I tend to lean left on the political spectrum, trust me when I say that I do not agree with many of the anti-science, pretentious, holier-than-thou, overly sensitive/particular progressive extremism that gets championed by many SJWs (I see it how it has affected a city first hand). But I am sure most, if not, all of those Democratic politicians on the left I may disagree with would stand up, be an adult, investigate, prosecute, and call out their own if the rioters were doing this is for some stupid bullshit garbage like an election was stolen from them when there is ZERO proof of it. (Side note: the mechanics behind falsifying that number of votes to swing a federal election is so great, if anyone believes it is possible without solid proof, simply has no sense of scale. Side side note: none of those GOP politicians believe it either. Side side side note: well, that Taylor-Greene or Bobert person do believe. But should they really count for anything?).

That is why this is not about politics.

This is about who the Republican party is now: a protector of insurrectionists who hide behind a big lie and profit from it in terms of both dollars and power. And if you vote for that, you endorse that party’s behavior.

The sad reality is when midterms come along, about 51%-55% will endorse that behavior.