Fit For Office?

I have always been against this Kavanaugh nominee. But not for the reasons that everyone is being presented with today.

In fact I actually think the reasons that being put on display should not be the reason he doesn’t get approval.

Yeah, I know, I must be a terrible guy.

It is not because I don’t believe the accusers. In fact I believe most of what they say (sorry, the mass rapefest accusation needs a bit more substance). We all knew a guy like Brett; douche bag showoff who liked to drink and be the big shot. But that is probably every big shot lawyer who climbs up the ranks is a ‘Brett’ in some way.

Do the crimes of a 17 year old merit dismissal of one’s future career aspirations? I thought the Democratic party was one of forgiveness and rehabilitation, not the a punitive and Martinique lot.

Also I want to be cautious about letting people come forward at the most opportune time to reveal such things about someone and simply believe everything they say without question. Would you like it if something you did 30+ years ago comes reappearing to prevent you from job promotion?

I know we are all supposed to be sympathetic to the victims here, and I am. They should be heard, taken seriously, and definitely not threatened. But I don’t think that should be the main reason why this man should not be on the bench. (Side note: I would warn feminists of this ‘damsel in distress’ approach they veil these accusers in; it implies women are somewhat weak in nature. I hear words like ‘courageous’ and ‘heroes’ in describing these accusers. I must have a very different definition than they do. To allow a sexual predator roam free for 30+ years, possibly preying on others, elevate through the judicial ranks, allowed to make critical decisions on others lives, just because you were scared at the time……that doesn’t seen very courageous to me. Stepping up to stop him 30 years ago….brave. Doing it now as an adult at this time…..not so much. They are victims. Not heroes. Not bad people. Not people who should be dismissed. But they are not heroes.)

The reason why I don’t want him on the bench is because his entire life, he has been playing the political game to elevate through the world of law. As I said in an earlier post, he is the Forrest Gump of politics; some dumbass in the background on the most high profile cases in DC. He plays this game of ambition, he is a gladhander, and he is NOT an astute scholar of the law. The Supreme Court should NOT be a refuge of people who play politics; it should be as neutral as it can be. I am not naive and know there is politics in there, but filling seats with guys like Kavanaugh hyper-politicize the Court to an absurdity, and that is just wrong. I mean the guy wrote an essay about how the president should never be prosecuted for breaking the law. WHAT?!?!?! Oh yeah, he also may have gambling debts and lies under oath; two adult things that is guilty of.

Now I may change my mind a bit when I hear the testimony of Ford today, that this reason is valid enough to disqualify him. But I still like to think I let my pragmatism govern my thoughts and not my pathos.