America's Finest

Last week while in Boston, I went to visit two of the many institutions that would never let me in as a student; Harvard and MIT.

As I was walking around the campus of Harvard, sneaking around and trying to assimilate so that security wouldn’t notice my lack of pedigree and toss me out, it occurred to me that these students are the future power brokers of this country.

If you look at the senators, the judges, the justices, and other high powered positions in this country, about 50% dabbled at Harvard at some time. And Harvard loves to brag about this fact as well, with statistics that show where their graduates land and a list of all the main people that frequented their halls. Even when you walk around Cambridge, waiters and hostesses have on sweaters that show what year and what degree they earned at Harvard. I mean Harvard is the ultimate ‘alums pick their nose to show you their class ring’.

Yet, despite all of the bragging and boasting, has Harvard, or any Ivy League school, ever taken responsibility for the power players in our government right now that are trying to subvert democracy?

Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and 6 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices went to Harvard Law. Some of these are the very people that are actively ruining our country by supporting suppression voting laws, anti-abortion legislation, and even some are lying about a rigged election when it wasn’t and they are aware of that.

I mean the Harvard Ethics classes must be a joke. This school (as all schools do) claim to shape and mold to the best of their ability the future minds of our world. And now look at things…………

Harvard claims to be this bastion of liberal and forward thinking, yet here we are, a country that is falling apart and is directly due to the fact that we are dis proportionally dominated by Harvard Law shitheads. When is Harvard going to look at themselves in the mirror and take as much blame for the horrible scumbags they puked out of their law school as they take credit for all the important names they ushered in to greatness.

Well, I am definitely not holding my breath on when Harvard, or any school for that matter, takes a realistic view on themselves. But maybe it is time for us as a society to take action, look down on Harvard et al for their carelessness, and realize that these Ivy League degrees are not maybe the badges of honor we all take them to be.

Shame on you Harvard. SHAME!

And this has nothing to do with the fact you rejected me years ago………………..