Wow, Is My Face Black....

Apparently black face is still a thing.

Over the last week, the Virginia governor and the AG got caught in pictures wearing black face in the 80’s.

I never get this, the need for white people to do this kind of stuff. It is in the same realm of some wanting to say the ‘N’ word. The rationale is ‘well, black people say it to each other, why can’t I’. Granted, the rationale is not without some logic, but I say just don’t.

Just don’t.

There is no need to say that. And I am not even Mr. PC guy at all. I just don’t say it, nor do I want to.

Same goes with black face.

I don’t know how offensive it really is. I mean it is just like a costume in some regards. Did white people get mad at the film ‘White Chicks’; a movie where black men posed as white women for laughs? Honestly, the more offensive part of that movie was how awfully unfunny and stupid it was, but I digress. The point is that I just don’t feel the need to push that boundary. And I am not sure why others feel the need to do so.

So just don’t.

All that being said, I do not think people should ever lose their careers over things that happened 20+ years ago unless there is a crime involved. It is soooooo easy to be perched on the mountain of sanctity when you get to cast judgement. But whenver I see a situation like this, I always remember Gandalf:

‘Don’t be so quick to hand out death and judgement’.

Wise words from a far wiser man than you or I.

Before you start wanting your pound of flesh from these folk on Virginia, would you want someone to dig up things you did as a 16-25 year old and ruin your entire career when you are 50? Is that fair? Should you be fired for doing things others don’t like (but are legal, mind you) from over 20+ years ago?

If you are OK with that, let’s start the excavation! If not, please remember Gandalf’s words before you mount your high horse.