California Dreamin'

I like California. I mean as a state. I like the south part with the beaches and the weather and the Hollywood. I like the north part with the devil-may-care attitude about social norms and the tech industry and the pretentiousness. The middle……is whatever.

I want to make that clear before I say this to California:

Your Calexit movement is seriously stupid. I mean seriously stupid. Like your brain needs to be on life-support stupid.

I know, I know. You pay more money to the Federal government than you receive from them. I know, I know, you have an agricultural base. I know, I know, you have a GDP greater than most countries in this world. But seriously California, you only want to leave because you lost to Trump.

I mean take a step back and really think about what seceding means:

  • You have to organize your own military

  • You have to make your own system of money

  • You have to establish an entire new government that will have to deal in ‘international’ relations, that includes the 49 stated America

  • You have to negotiate trade deals, new tax laws, develop a new constitution (your state one will not do, you are now an independent nation), etc.

  • How will immigration work in your new nation?

  • All newborns will not be considered Americans, thus preventing easy access to businesses and schools outside your nation

  • You have to write a national anthem

  • All your sports teams will be considered non-American

  • All surrounding areas with totally hate you and talk bad about you behind your back

  • Most importantly, you will be abandoning a 150 year partnership with America over a 4 year reign of a buffoon.

Is that what you California is about? Quitting when times are tough? What about Washington? What about New York? And to a lesser extent, what about Oregon? All of those areas that are in agreement with you politically, you are just willing to leave them high and dry. Seriously? Such a chickenshit thought.

Enough with the Calexit talk. It is the same type of illogical and stupid thinking that elected us this damn idiot in the White House.

So stop your whining. You remind me of Quebec.