Comey Don't Play That

Today all of America is tuned in and fixated on what ex-FBI leader James Comey has to say about his dealings with Donald Trump in the twilight of his FBI career. As everyone is waiting with baited breath about what Comey will (or will not say) about his not-so-secret back and forth with the idiot president, there is one person who is not.

That person is me.

Oh sure, I’ll read about it later or hear about it on TV, but I don’t need confirmation on what I already know. Donald Trump tried to persuade Comey to stop the investigation into the Trump/Russia love affair. When Comey said no, Trump fired him.

Plain and simple.

I am more curious about what Comey will or will not volunteer today. He may not cover the complete detailed account (although I think he probably can), but he will indicate this as such. How much of it? Well, we will find out today.

Anyway, I am getting a bit tired on how some of the talking heads are handling this Trump/Russia thing. I hear things like ‘Trump is acting so weird about this’, ‘why doesn’t he just say his side of things’, ‘this is such a strange story’, ‘breaking news!! More on Trump/Russia’, etc. There is this shock and awe every time something comes out on this subject, like there is some great mystery behind what’s going on. But it is so obvious.

Trump dealt with the Russians years ago for loans because no one in Manhattan trusted him. He got involved with shady characters, much like himself. He has carried on this relationship for decades. He doesn’t want anyone to know about this.

Occam’s Razor. And Richard Clarke.

As far as the details on his ‘relationship’ with the Russians, such as whether or not Trump personally solicited Russia to help infiltrate the 2016 election, or if the Russians have dirt on Trump and are blackmailing him, or Trump is in debt to serious Russian oligarchs, is still unclear. But there is nothing shocking on the way Trump is reacting to all of this investigation. He is acting like a guilty man who is hiding something….something bad. I am not shocked about any of this. He is a sleaze. He is a traitor. But most of all, he is an idiot.