The Truth Hurts, Don't It

There is so much to say over the past 2 years, from riots to a political party who is completely dysfunctional to Neil Peart dying to whisky prices soaring to conspiracy theorists becoming mainstream to social media tightening its ugly grasp over us all, a lot of this stuff seems depressing.

Oh yeah, there is a fucking global pandemic as well.

But despite all of this utter nonsense and debilitating things haunting our present day, there is one take home message: these things have exposed the truth in all of us, both individually and in our society.

  • Make no mistake about it; Donald Trump is not a special individual. The rise of this fake populist ultra-cynical movement was modeled by Roger Stone and friends decades go and executed by Fox News in the 90’s; Trump is just the vehicle used by these manipulators because of his ‘famous just because he is famous’ status in society. Remember, he was in tabloids since the 80’s; he really is the original ‘Kardashian’. But Trump himself is a garden variety ‘millionaire’: inherited a fortune built on shady dealings, as the leader his business ebbed and flowed with the economic climate, and ended up creating nothing useful for anyone. But what this ‘Trump’ movement has done is exposed how much anger, racism, and misinformation there is out there. Trump has no new ideas or created any sort of political idealisms, he and his group just allowed people to unleash their anger without consequence and allowed people to believe things that are simply insane. This permission slip has exposed people in our society for who they really are.

  • Anti-vaxxers and anti-science people have existed in our midst for years now. They hide like cicadas for long stretches of time just waiting for that time to flex their ignorant muscles for all to see. And now is their time to shine; educating all of us about biology and virology despite the fact they were the same people who sniffed glue during their science classes in high school. It really is amazing how much people like Joe Rogan and Ron Johnson know about things that have literally no education on and how little trained professionals know about topics that they have studied for decades. Funny how that works, huh? I really hope those anti-science folks don’t go to the hospital to treat their cancer or use any technology like cell phones, because the last thing I want them to do is embrace science in any way and be a hypocrite. The reality is a pandemic was going to happen at some point. There is a wonderful video on YouTube by CGP Grey (please watch his stuff, he is extremely well thoughtful and makes brilliant content) about how close we are from a breakout on a yearly basis (mainly the transmission of animal viruses to human) and how the world doesn’t end up in a pandemic state 99.9% of the time. In other words, this kind of thing happens throughout history. But is different is how we as humans respond to a spread of a disease. One would think with the increased knowledge at our disposal we would be better equipped and educated on how to handle such things. But then again, this pandemic has exposed people in our society for who they really are.

  • Qanon…..well…….if you believe in any of that…..well I can’t help you. Q has definitely exposed people in our society for who they really are.

There is no one reason why we have bit the dust in so many areas.


  • It is a failure of educating the masses

  • The lack of respect we have for people who have real knowledge and intelligence

  • A predisposition for some to have blind faith in things that make them feel better about life

  • The quickness to think with your emotions as opposed to think with logic
  • A dearth of trust we have for our leaders

Maybe those are all contribute to our failings. I mean it is very ironic we live in a country that actively protects ‘rights’ like hate speech and lying to the masses without any consequence; the very things that can and will disable a country.

I am not sure what do with all of these people that are….for a lack of a better term…acting badly. I tend to ignore them and fade them out of my life, but I am not sure if that is the right answer (I mean these people still get to vote…ugh). We can try to educate them and be reasonable, but that is like talking to a chicken. So there is no right answer. All I know now is that we have seen more truth in people over the past 2 years than we ever have experienced in my lifetime, and it sort of hurts.