I Loathe a Parade?

‘I Love a Parade’ is a song by Victor Arden in 1932. It is about how much he loves a parade.

Victor Arden is an idiot.

Parades are just plain stupid. This is how all parades work:

  • Get there 2 hours to get a good seat on the streetside for the parade

  • Find out there are people already there in the good spots, so you sit behind them and can’t see

  • Wait an additional hour because these things never start on time

  • Some shitty high school marching band plays ‘Louie Louie’

  • Main event: the people who the parade is all about come walking down the street doing….whatever

  • The parade ends

  • You can’t go home for another hour after due to traffic

  • You swear to never go again

There it is, all parades summed up.

This was no different for the Seattle Gay Parade held last weekend.

But there is another interesting issue about this parade, and all gay parades in general; are they ever going to appeal to the masses and become mainstream?

Seattle is a very progressive town on social issues, so because of that many parents bring their kids to this parade to teach tolerance for others, support the community, etc. But what you get is this:

An overly sexualized and very stereotypical depiction of the gay community. This is tantamount to having a ‘Black Pride’ parade where all the particiants are spitting out watermelon seeds while eating fried chicken and grape soda.

Is this the image that the gay community wants to project in such a public forum? Does a parent want to bring a kid to such a thing? Is this a celebration of tolerance or an ostentatious display of sexuality?

I know this is the traditional way gay parades work and there is an element of fun to the people involved. But if the LBGT community wants growth and heightened acceptance, maybe it is time to go more mainstream and portray your community in a more respectful, family-friendly, and less cliche light. I am no prude, but I know being gay is not just about this:

Regardless how you feel about any of this, there is one thing we should all agree on:

Parades are all stupid!!!!