In a Galaxy Not So Far Far Away....

Well folks, the time is drawing nigh. The most important moment in human history is coming around the corner.

We may finally answer the age-old question of ‘are we alone’ very very soon.

Today, astronomers found 7 new exo-planets. OK, that alone is not such a big deal. I mean due to modern technology, we find about 30 of those things a day. But what makes this septet special is that they are all in one solar system, they are rocky (not like those waste of space Gas Giants we have in our solar system) and 3, yes 3 of them are in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’, aka the perfect distance from their sun to have water.

These planets, known as ‘Earth’s seven sisters’ (didn’t know Earth was sleeping around on us) have made the scientific world buzzing with ideas like ‘Is there life there’ or ‘I hope there is life there, that would be pretty neat’ or ‘What a perfect place to mine for Unobtainium’.

Alas, we do not know whether or not any of these ‘sisters’ are festering with a native population that we can later pillage for their natural resources. There are some issues; their sun is a young buck, much younger than our sun so conditions for life have not been around very long for life to evolve. Also, we are still not sure how life even exists in the first place, so unless God feels the need to create another play thing, who knows what is really going on out there.

Regardless, in 2018 when NASA launches the James Webb telescope, we can only speculate about our new-found neighbors that are only 230 trillion miles away. What are they like? Are they cool? Do you think they will like us? Maybe we can sleep over there once Scott Pruitt destroys our planet when he dismantles the EPA.

Or maybe there is nothing there and we realize even more and more that life is something so rare and special that we have to take care of life as we know it here on Earth, we become more conscious of the preciousness of human existence and a brighter, more peaceful future ensues.

Eh, better chance aliens are there.