Food, Glorious Food

Throughout history, there has been this ongoing debate about which country, ethnicity, or area of the food boasts the best food.

Well folks, I am here to end this discussion once and for all………..

Mexican wins.

That should be enough for you, but I guess I’ll provide a justification for you.

Chinese Food

Not filling enough. You can eat tons of this stuff, feel full at that moment, then an hour later feel hungry for more. Must be some ancient Chinese secret. Anyway, that and the lack of cheese in their entrees makes Chinese a lesser food as a whole.

Japanese Food

Not enough beef. I feel Japanese food is mostly based around fish and chicken. Guess what Japan? Beef wins that battle 100 out of 100 times. Yes, I know of Kobe beef and Wagyu beef. But they are mainly used for hamburger…an American dish! So no dice Japan.

Indian Food

Really not enough beef. I know they worship cows there in a very different way than we do here, but I needs the beef. Also way too many vegetarian options. When I eat, I need something of substance. I don’t want to feel like a pussy after a meal.

French Food

All sauce and presentation, no substance. Very expensive food, but at least the portions are small. This is really not even a food, its more of a pretentious idea of what food should be.

Italian Food

Just a bland version of Mexican. You have your meats, your tomato-based sauces, your flour accessories, and your cheeses, which is all great. But there is not enough pop to the sauce. Everything I can have in the realm of Italian food I can get in Mexican food but better and 1/2 the price.+

American Food

I guess this would be things like burgers, steaks, and fries. I love this stuff, but it is not varied enough. With Mexican food, you can mix and match and create all sorts of new entrees; it is like the Lego’s of global foods. Look what Taco Bell has done: Chalupa, Mexican Pizza, MexiMelt, etc. These are just traditional Mexican food fused together. And it works, because that’s the trick of Mexican food; interlocking pieces. American food is very segmented. Not a bad thing, but not much creativity.

So there you have it. Mexican food is the best, and the best for the price by far. Whether it is a street taco, a carne asada burrito, a quesadilla, or a cheesy enchilada, properly made Mexican food has the heft, the variety, the spice, and the taste quality that surpasses all competition.

Even this guy likes it…

and he hates Mexicans.