Football Week: Get With the Program, World!


It is coming… is coming……it is almost here!!!! The NFL is starting up once again and I cannot be happier. So the Spew is engaging in a week-long celebration of all things football.

Come on world, get with the program!!! Why is it that only the USA plays football? I mean they play that weird pseudo-football up north and I know Japan and Australia is starting some remedial football leagues, but that is not enough.

I need to see countries like England, Brazil, France, Russia, Germany, Nigeria, etc get more engaged with the greatest game around. Hell, they don’t even use the term ‘football’ correctly in those countries.

Now I know it takes a lot of effort to organize a football team. It is not like soccer where all you need is a ball and an open field. It is not like baseball where all you need is a stick, a ball, and a lot of free time. No, football takes a lot of organization, equipment, and training. I mean you can throw around a pigskin and play touch football, but to play real football does take some time, money, and exertion.

But guess what world? It is worth it!

There is a reason why the NFL is the wealthiest pro league in the world; almost doubling the second most (Barclay’s Premiere League). There is a reason why our entire country stops everything they are doing on Sunday to feast on the ultimate reality show which is the NFL. There is a reason why despite huge health risks and concussion issues that will never go away, football still is growing in popularity and will never stop!!

The reason is simple: football is the best. Even the tempo of the game parallels the season. Within game: you run a play, you talk about the result, you predict the next play, you repeat. Within season: you play a game, you talk about the result, you predict the next game, you repeat.

So come on world! Let’s do this thing!