Wow, gas prices are high. Luckily I don’t drive much, so this doesn’t effect me.


Of course it effects me, silly. And if effects everyone.

Even if you don’t drive much, trucks carrying goods for us to buy use gas. The bus that I use to go downtown uses gas. The Uber driver that picks up your lazy ass from the bar at night uses gas. Therefore, it is safe to say that all goods and services will increase in price due to inflating gas prices.

So how can we stop this?

Well, for one we can root for Russia to end at whatever they think they are doing and hope Russia will supply more oil and gas, thereby prices go down. But that is stupid; other than the fact that is inhumane to think of only yourself during this time of war (shame on you!), you think prices would go down? OPEC uses every excuse in the book to hike up prices, and don’t think for a second this war is hitting their precious bottom line as much as the prices indicate.

But luckily I have a better idea; stop relying so much on oil, gas, and especially OPEC. This oil industry is so dirty and corrupt, why in the world does the Western World let OPEC grab them by the neck and let squeeze? The utter dependency we have on these bionnaire Arabian sheiks who violate more human rights laws than Deshaun Watson in a day is shameful.

America is no different; continuously this country votes down alternative energy options (thank you GOP idiots) yet still complain about gas prices. How stupid is this country?

So next time you complain about gas prices, and you vote against measures like solar, wind, etc, consider yourself a true American…………….idiot.