A Ghost of a Chance

I have always wondered this, and this being Halloween and all, I feel this is a reasonable time to ask:

Do people actually believe in ghosts?

I mean really, is this still a thing?

Believing in ghosts is so 1300’s. I mean you would think as a modern day society we wold have dismissed pretty much all beliefs from that embarrassing time period (eg: the earth is the center of the universe, blood letting cures all diseases, men’s fashion included wearing capes), but yet there are people who SAY they believe in ghosts.

However……do they actually believe in these haunting apparitions?

Let’s examine this a bit closer…….

If you are one that truly believes in ghosts, this would mean there is a spirit inside you. That is more of an existential question, but to actually ‘see’ this spirit poking around the attic, there needs to be light refraction. Ergo, this would be a tangible entity that has mass, would have an atomic structure, and therefore can be measured or detected. No reputable scientist has ever claimed to have ever formally ‘detected’ a wraith, ghoul, specter, or faint image of a sheet in the history of modern science. So why believe there is something that has never been properly confirmed?

But even a bigger issue is if someone really believed in ghosts, that belief would completely dominate their life and everything they do. Think about it, this ‘ghost=real life’ equation would alter the way people would conceptualize life. We, as ghost believers, would not be living for today at all, we would be focused on how we exist long term…and by ‘long term’ I mean in eternity! Also we would not nearly be fearful of death. We would just think after life, we would simply end up floating around and spying on everyone else.

Also think of the company you could be keeping post-death? You can chat with the likes of George Washington, Isaac Newton, and Don Ho. There would be literally 500 billion+ people bumping around this 5th dimension of existence. And that is not including the animals.

The idea of ghosts would be the most world changing event in the history of world changing events. No more religious tug-of-wars, no political strife, no more questions on what happens after death. Our everyday lives would change completely.

So due to this, I call shenanigans on not only the existence of ghosts, but on the believers of ghost existence. So for Halloween, feel free to dress up as a ghost, but at your party you better be put in the ‘Fantasy’ category of the costume contest.