Duck and Cover

Republican congressmen are circling the wagons right now. The last thing any elected GOP rep wants to do is bite the teat of the NRA. Ask any GOPer about possible gun control laws, you get this universal response: ‘This is not the time to talk about this. We don’t want to politicize a national tragedy’.

Yeah, I remember when 9/11 happened, no one talked about international terrorism for months.

This is just ridiculous. Nothing boils my blood more than this gun issue. Why in the hell does anyone need a semi-automatic weapon that can easily be modified to make automatic and spray dozens of bullets with no regard? Actually, I do know who needs this: mass murderers. The fact we enable this in America is just so mind-boggling to me.

Oh, and I love the ‘arguments’ people have against gun control. Let’s rattle them off right now:

  • ‘Slippery slope, pretty soon the second amendment will be re-written’: Yeah, that’s exactly what happened in the 30’s when the government outlawed tommy guns. And remember when the government outlawed the personal ownership of tanks, bazookas and bombs, which in turn led to the banning of all guns? Yeah, I don’t either.

  • ‘Oh, if someone wants a gun, they can get it anyway’: So if you truly believe this logic, then why would you ever lock the door to your house or car? I mean if a burglar really really wants your stuff, why provide any level of deterrent? I want someone to ask these politicians who use that argument this: what is your stance on abortion? I mean if a woman really really wants one, why institute laws that prohibit it? Why is crystal meth illegal? I mean if a tweaker really really wants some, they will find it. See, no one really believes that line of thought. It is just justification for letting the blood-lust of the NRA run wild in their party.

  • ‘Gun laws don’t even work’: Explain why every 1st world country has tougher gun laws and every country has significantly fewer gun-related deaths. Every single one. And it is not even close.

  • ‘You can make a weapon out of anything’: First off, you can’t make a weapon out of anything that will kill multiple people in seconds. Secondly, if you truly believe that, then why even own a gun? You can just create your own weapon out of whatever and kill whatever you want to kill. Why even need a gun? Doesn’t seem right, huh. Because it is an awful argument.

  • ‘Why own multiple guns? Why own multiple cars?’: God, that is so stupid; guns were invented to kill. Everything else wasn’t.

The great irony about these people who crave guns are the exact people who our society should prevent from having guns. Yet we have high ranking officials who will fight until the bitter end for the rights of mentally violent and deranged people to own as many guns as they want. It is sick and this issue has always made me feel more distant from this country than anything else.

I think the only argument that may play well with the gun lovers is this:

  • ‘What about dem Muslims? Are they allowed to buy guns in this country? I mean once they shave off their beard, it is hard to tell if they are good Christians or evil terrorists?’

Maybe some baseless fear will rattle them a bit. But even then, if Sandy Hook, Orlando, or Las Vegas didn’t do anything, I don’t expect much. The biggest fear gun owners have is…..well….their guns being hauled away. So I don’t think there is a solution other than ‘duck and cover’.