Hot Enough For Ya?

Have you ever wondered why there is some level of scientific disagreement about climate change?

Sure, there is naturally going to be some discord between which exact model illustrates this change or what times certain things are going to happen such as polar icecaps melting or when water level rises, but that is to be expected because of the great about of variance and uncertainty involved in the prediction model process.

But one thing all….I mean most….agree: climate change is for real, it is an issue, and it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

In fact it is cited that 97% of scientists agree with the aforementioned statement.

So who are these 3%?

Well, apparently here are two of them….click here for details.

To make a long story short, this article is about two turkeys who created a model based on other planets in the solar system: the claim is other planets are experiencing their own brand of global warming, this phenomena is based on solar radiation (not people of course), therefore the warming of our planet is due to solar radiation as well.

Seems somewhat reasonable on first glance. I mean if this is all true, could this be evidence that relieves the blame on we humans?

Well, apparently not.

It turns out those two turkeys are indeed turkeys: the paper had a clear agenda so most scientific journals rejected it.

But that is not the best part: these two wrote down fake names on it because they tried this kind of nonsense in 2011.

There is more to this story, so I suggest to read it for full effect, but this just goes to show there are turkeys and liars in every discipline, even science.

The sad reality is that this study (from what I read) can be used to improve current climate warming models. These discoveries by the turkeys are not made up or wrong, but it is clear there is an underlining agenda, an agenda that prevents real truth to come out. Collaboration in the scientific community is critical to solve important and complex issues. When you have guys like these two essentially playing defense against the truth, you end up creating a splinter group of 3%, and even worse fueling the fires for shitty dumbass political groups (eg: oil, coal, anti-environmental groups) to exist.

Just because you don’t want something to be true doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Apply that axiom to all aspects of your life and I bet things will become better.