Run Brett, Run!

This week, like every week, there are a lot of media buzz around all sorts of things. From the government borrowing kids from immigrant families on;y to lose the receipt, to Trump romping around Europe like an idiot, this is just another week in the life of America.

But there was one thing that will last far longer than any of those stories; Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh is the most recent Trump nominee for the Supreme Court. I know he seems harmless at the start, but he is the Forrest Gump of law.

So what do I mean by that? Well, in every single major political controversy since 1996, Kavanaugh has been present. From Clinton’s impeachment trial (Kavanaugh wanted Clinton to go to trial) to weighing in on Trump and his legal woes (stated he believes the President should be absolved of any investigation…..change of heart huh) things in between like to Bush’s NSA domestic spying scandal, Kavanaugh has somehow stumbled into all of these messes. And always stumbling to the right.

So much for not politicizing the Supreme Court.

Anyway, Brett is a terrible pick for the court. Not only for the before-mentioned reasons, but also has little to no experience in the courtroom and has little legal background overall. This is not just me talking but the New York Times wrote an article saying that is hopelessly under-qualified for the Court of Appeals….in 2006!!! In other words, Kavanaugh has been poking around for some time showing off his partisanship and ineptness for over a decade.

But don’t you worry America, he will get confirmed. Although Merrick Garland had no shot despite being a well-qualified moderate who everyone in the law field respect, Kavanaugh will be allowed to serve on the Supreme Court……until he dies.

This potential swing vote in the Court will possibly:

  • hurt abortion rights

  • support gerrymandering (but on;y for the right)

  • harm voting rights

  • quell gay marriage

  • give limitless rights for big businesses to hire/fire whatever and whenever and move factories to wherever with no penalty (this i subject Kavanaugh is very well known for)

And why will he get confirmed? Because Trump gets what he wants. This is a very conservative country by nature, and the idiots and all-powerful control things. Trump is both an idiot and a rich dude; best of both worlds. Perfect leader for this deeply flawed nation.

So do not worry out there. Kavanaugh will get the job, sway the Court to hurt the middle class and minorities of this country, and people will get what they voted for.