Shock and Awe?

Anyone who reads this knows I tend to lean left on political issues. Also anyone who reads this knows I absolutely hate Donald Trump and everything he was, is, and will be.

But there comes a time when we must call out our own.

This past week, Trump was on one of his pathetically embarrassing 2020 campaign tours again, boasting about his victory to Boy Scouts and to the police. At both of these events, he said a lot of head-slapping things and idiotic nonsense that no mature adult thinks is ‘cool’ or ‘presidential’.

However, when spouting out his inanity to the police on Thursday, he said a little joke about not needing to help the perp get into the police car. I forget the exact wording, but I know where else I hear this:

“You know what I love? Whenever you see them on TV … they put the chokehold on the guy, they beat him with the baton, they put the handcuffs on him. But when they put him in the back seat, they always put the hand on the head—you don’t want to hit your head on that metal edge. That really hurts. Careful, easy now, don’t hurt your head. Face is all swollen from the beating. But that metal edge, that really hurts.”

  • Jerry Seinfeld, 1994

YES!! This is an old Seinfeld bit. I remembered it immediately!!! Of course now Slate, Somecards, etc are finally catching on (I really should be working there!), but there you go. Just like Melanie and her ripped off speech from Michelle Obama, the Donald is a material thief as well.

This is not too surprising in itself. But what I am upset about is how the liberal commentators are so shocked and appalled by Trump’s rhetoric.

I heard Chris Hayes the other day ask a GOP senator after showing the Trump clip ‘do you condone police brutality?’. Really Chris? Is that a good question? A rip-off of a Seinfeld joke is now something that is a true indicator of how one stands on police violence.

Also that week, Anthony Scaramucci went on a tirade about how bad the White House staff is, using profane language like ‘fuck’ and shit’, and saying Steve Bannon likes to ‘suck his own cock’. Stupid? Yes. Offensive? Eh, maybe. But the worst thing ever? C’mon now. But once again, the liberal folk act like this was the most appalling language ever used and that no one talks like this. I would bet my mortgage that this type of tough talk is used all the time on Capitol Hill. In fact, I bet my second mortgage that all those liberal media members love Veep, and they say far worse things on that show.

I know that the White House is not a place to test out their new bits and it is pretty embarrassing that this is happening so publicly. But I mean the shock and awe by the media is so phony and pretentious, it is very unbecoming. I am sure some were saying the classic ‘what about the children?’ bullpoo.

If the media wants tot start relating to their audience and not be on their high horse, I highly suggest they react to stuff like this proportionally and not belabor the point by acting as this is the ruin of society. Maybe if the media doesn’t play the ‘holier-than-thou’ card so much, they wouldn’t alienate so many people that don’t live on the coasts.