Covid: A Great Way of Learning the Greek Alphabet

Anyone who dwells in the mathematical, physics, or statistical spheres is well aware of the Greek alphabet. Be those letters used a short-hand for an operation or as a parameter or even as a variable, thetas, lambdas, and omegas litter those worlds.

Except omicron. Why? Well, the symbol of omicron is an O, so it is easy to mistake it for a 0. So it is great to finally see omicron get its just attention during this pandemic.

What is also great about omicron is the fact that it is not nearly as lethal as its predecessors. Is this going to be an ongoing trend….we don’t know for sure. But this is definitely good news.

Now I know your first instinct after reading that is ‘how in the hell can you say a new variant in good news in any way, dickweed’. Well, let me tell you this; viruses are almost impossible to completely snuff out entirely. Viruses do what any great NCAA basketball team’s run do; survive and advance. When viruses come to be, they survive, mutate, and transmit all in the name of survival. That is what they do. And they are really good at it. The moment we heard from officials that Covid was a thing, the reality was that it is going to be here to stay. Any fantasy broadcasted to us by media outlets saying that we can kill this virus asap and get back to normal is just that; fantasy. As much as I hate those anti-vaxxers and those deniers of the severity of this virus and their job of prolonging the high hospital rate of Covid, the truth is that to officially rid the universe of a virus, you had to act on it at its initial stage, have a vaccine, and inject everyone in the entire world before the virus knew what hit it. That is impossible.

So here we are, in our new normal.

But remember, this new variant is not nearly as deadly, and that may very well be a great sign.

I hate to break it to you, but you will get Covid at some point. That is just becoming a fact of life. But maybe, just maybe, the variant you get will be even a softer version than the omicron. And with more and more boosters available and developed, the protection we will have against future variants will be better.