Thanks Assholes

So Trump is an idiot, we all know that. And we also all know that if you voted for him, you are an idiot as well.

But now I also think you are an asshole. Why?

Well, shit. It is bad enough that we have a leader that preaches hate, anger, fear, and other aspects that encompass the dark side of the Force. It is bad enough that he says so many stupid things like Space Force and spreads so many lies like…well….everything he says.

But now look at this….look at the cast of characters he has brought into the limelight that now I have to pay attention to.

Michael Cohen: An idiot toady who has as strong of a spine as Paul Ryan

Paul Manafort: A man who would have been hung for treason 200 years ago. A man who symbolizes overindulgence at the highest of criminal levels.

Roger Stone: The worst man in the known universe

And now we have Omirosa.

What the fuck.

I hate reality TV and I barely knew who she was. The only reason why I have heard of her is her odd name and the fact she I guess ‘won’ a season of that hackneyed show ‘The Apprentice’ by lying and cheating.

So Trump hired her. And brought her into our lives again.


And what is worse than that? Firing her! Why? Because now she is on the prowl with tapes, evidence, and…brace yourself….a fuckin’ book tour.

Yes, Omirosa wrote a damn book.

She is making the rounds, crowing about bringing Trump down, etc. And I supposed to take sides with her? She is a liar and a phony, and now that is my ally in all of this? I guess to catch a drug dealer, you have to work with who he knows; other drug dealers. So to catch Trump, you have to work with other criminals and liars.

But man….Omirosa? I have to listen to her??

Fuck you Trump!! Fuck you for this!!

And fuck you Trump VOTER! Yes, you asshole! Because of your vote, I have to deal with…Omirosa.