Father Knows Best

Last week Jean Segura, a player for the Mariners, got 3 games off for paternity leave.

A month ago, Kyle Seager (another Mariner player), got 3 games off for the same.


I know I am on the wrong side of this. We are all supposed to be more sensitive for the needs of the new father.

But I’m not.


The father didn’t do all that much in all of this. It is the mother that did all the work. The dad is just back there complaining about the needs of the mom and then profits later with paternity leave.

Yeah, yeah. I know that America is in the Dark Ages in terms of allowing maternity/paternity leave as compared to other countries. And I get that the mother should get some time to recover and spend some early time with their kid. But the data….sorry.

First off, if you have an important job like senator or a baseball player, plan the damn pregnancy around your job!!! I mean you guys are deemed important in our society (if you were not, you would not be making $10+ million a year), so you owe society. Yes, you owe me! Don’t be selfish and take time off. That is for people like me that are highly replaceable. Plan your pregnancies accordingly please.

Secondly, this entire paternity leave thing reeks of the old ‘smoking break’. Remember those? Every hour, smokers would get a smoking break to….well…..have a smoke. Yes, for doing something that is bad for you and society as whole, your punishment is a 10 minute break every hour. The reward for those who don’t smoke? Work those minutes. This is similar to the paternity leave. You elected to have this kid, you leave for X amount of days, and everyone else has to cover for your own selfish needs. Doesn’t seem fair.

So everybody, stop being selfish and stop promoting this idea of guys needing a day off for their kid. It is so weak and so Millennial, just get back to work!!