Plane Trigonometry

As I laid down to watch my favorite news show, Rachel Maddow, at 9pm last night as I ritually do, much to my surprise I did not get to see her witty 20 minute introduction into politics. Instead, I encountered the dreaded ‘Breaking News’ story.

This one had to do with a lost plane over Cairo.

Apparently, A plane from Paris to Cairo got lost and no one could find it (by the time you read this, they may have).

I was saddened by this news, as anyone would be, and continued to watch, secretly hoping they would return to Maddow. But no. One hour later, nothing.

And not just nothing like no Maddow, but nothing like there was no new news to report. No location of the plane, no reported cause of the loss of the plane, etc. Nothing. Well, they did have ‘experts’ like a bumbling reporter tripping over her words with no new updates and some guy who once flew a plane saying this is rare. But I count that as still nothing.

The knee-jerk reaction we all have is ‘was this the work of ISIS’. I mean ISIS will take the credit for Obama having a cold when they can. But in this case, no signs of that. In other words, this means the plane probably crashed. Last report, 69 dead.

So I ask: is this a news story?

I think we all can agree that it is ‘newsworthy’.

So I’ll ask a second question: is this 24 hour around-the-clock newsworthy?

I say no.

What will happen now due to this sensationalized media coverage is people will come out and want stricter guidelines for flight (be it TSA, pilot screening, plane condition, etc) and people will be afraid of flying these not-so-friendly skies.

Did you know, on average, around 90 people died due to car accidents yesterday………in America alone?!?! Yes, this is on average, but you get the point.

I am not here to minimize death, but to add some perspective. This is a news story because, well, plane crashes are very very rare. But I have this feeling everyone will overreact, start pointing the finger, and become paranoid about how unsafe plane travel is. Well, until we forget about this.

If you are feeling down,here is a pep talk from Walter White to ease your anxiety.