President's Day?

I remember when I used to respect President’s Day.

Let me rephrase that.

I remember when President’s Day was not President’s Day at all, but a combination of our two clear greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Both of their birthdays are in February, and instead of letting kids have 2 days off, we combined those two birthdays into one day off.

Somehow, for whatever reason, this was changed to include all presidents, both great and awful alike.

Side note: check out my list of Top 10 greatest presidents here.

Regardless of good or bad, I think we all can agree that even if we don’t like certain presidents, we can agree than it is a position that we should respect.

That is until now.

Ever since the last administration, there is zero reason to give any sort of respect to the office for the sake of being that office. The entire regime shit on everything that anyone and anything that was honored by any administration previously. Even James Buchanan, widely considered the worst president of all time, was deemed awful at his job due to his complacency in avoiding a pending Civil War….at least he didn’t try to create a Civil War.

I mean it is inconceivable how bad the last presidential term was; so stupid, how corrupt, how poisonous, how fake, and how hateful. I still think even the most rational thinkers have not fully comprehended how truly terrible those people were. And what’s worse; there are still people that would vote for it to continue.

And for that reason, I will not recognize any day that would even tangentially honor what happened from 2016-2020. I will buy no car, no mattress, or shop at any store with a President’s Day sale. I will not spend any coinage that has a face of a president on it. I will watch ‘In the Line of Fire’ and sympathize with John Malkovich. And I will not take the day off from work.

OK, I’ll do that last one, but I won’t like it.

OK, I will like it. But anyway…………

So suck it President’s Day! Instead of sending you my good graces, will be thinking of various Prime Ministers and the Parliamentary system the entire day.