The Navalny Hulk

Yesterday in an odd turn of events, Alexei Navalny (aka: the leading politician leading the charge against Putin) got dowsed with a chemical that turned his skin green in Siberia.

Yeah, that actually happened.

First off, who knew that there was something like this that turned your skin green. We all know gamma rays can turn you green, but only when you are angry. But just something that ONLY changes skin color and doesn’t burn away your epidermis? Only the Russians.

Secondly, I am not sure what the end game was for this Putin supporter. Was the idea that someone who once supported Navalny would now look at the post-dyed oppositionist and say ‘What a second here, wasn’t he white? And now….green? Well shit, I can’t get behind that. I will now vote for a tyrant who is destroying my country every day with his greed and disregard for human life’. I really hope Navalny’s support is not as fragile as that.

I mean we all know that Putin is going to win any election by a landslide. I guess pointing a gun at the head of every dissenter is a great way of capturing that all important swing vote. I don’t think the ‘green dye threat’ will help too much. Maybe inch up that vote from 90% to 92%, but even that would be a liberal prognostication.

I guess it goes to show that Trump and Putin have one more thing in common; very stupid people who support them.