Know Your Enemy

I read Breitbart everyday.

I think you should as well.

I know, you think I’m kidding, right? I mean Breitbart is just alt right propaganda that you know I do not subscribe to and I am pretty sure you don’t as well. But I do read it every day. Not every article mind you, and definitely not for news.

So why do I read it?

Well, before 2016 I thought I had some idea what was going on in the world. After that election, it was clear to me that I am so distant and out of touch with the people of America that I needed to rethink and listen to other voices in order to get my finger on the pulse again.

Breitbart is one of those voices.

Again, there reason why I read it and I think you should as well has nothing to do with gathering news. It is to understand what the other side is thinking, what the other side is putting out there, how the other side is preaching to their choir.

I cannot really capture what this site does, but you should probably read it for yourself. From the stories they choose to highlight, from the stories they choose to ignore, from the way they title their main articles, and what articles receive the most comments, it really is eye opening. In a nutshell, they highlight all good things Trump, all crimes commuted by ‘illegals’, and rarely if ever mention the Russian investigation. All comments are about how ‘libtards’ and ‘Rinos’ are scum, how MAGA is all about winning, and all dissenters are trolls or stupid. It is pretty amazing once you read it.

Anyway, there is one issue for Breitbart readers that matters more than all of them…..more than taxes, jobs, health care, ISIS, even more than Obama. It is immigration. Breitbart people hate the idea of immigrants coming to America. Sometimes this hate is rationalized in the form of ‘they took our jobs’, something in the form of ‘wasting our tax money on them’, sometimes in the form of ‘they rape and kill our children’. Regardless, they hate immigrants.

Correction: they hate non-white immigrants.

This is the reason why Trump is using so much colorful language against this DACA stuff. I am sure it is authentic, I mean I would bet my mortgage that he is racist. But when he was on the air last week in his pathetic attempt to look competent, he rattled some of his base about the possibility that he may soften on DACA, immigration, and the wall. Well, a few voices got in his ear (aka Steve Miller) and told him that is a losing stance for him.

So out comes ‘shithole’. And just in case his comments didn’t hit the mainstream, he called his friends to tell them about it.

Anyway, there are many people in the media and in politics that think this hurts Trump. Quite the opposite. This helps him! We all like to think hate speech is something that will make Americans turn their head and question this man. Well, it does for some. But not for all. Hence him winning the election.

This is why you need to check in on Breitbart every so often. Maybe it will motivate you to vote, be more active in the resistance, or whatever. But one thing reading it will do it let you see what the other side thinks, understand that this is not some little underground movement; it is something that is real and got a president elected.

Honestly, reading it should scare you and make you think of the possible direction of American. Who knows what the next step will be…………….