Vote For the Pedophile.......Uhhh.....OK???

Alabama is a funny state. Sure, it is a red state, much like many of the southern states as well as the big rural states in the west. But it is really red. I mean really, really, really really, red.

How red is it? Weeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll,

It is so red that the state would rather have a pedophile as their senator than anyone with the letter D by his name.

Oh sure, Roy Moore has not been convicted by any jury or even been indicted on any sexual misconduct charge. But you sort of know he did all of this. Other than the fact 5 accusers have come out, other than the fact he has had a documented history of ignoring the law even as a judge (see ‘10 commandments’ and ‘gay marriage’ if you don’t know those stories), other than the fact the local mall banned him from going there and poking his nose around…..wait I have to repeat that one again…….the local mall banned him from going there, a preacher and a judge, banned from the mall. Wow. Actually there is no more ‘others’. That is all you need unless you are in complete denial.

Anyway, the result of all of this is obviously nothing. Well, Moore is dividing up the GOP a bit. The rank and file Republicans are courageously standing up to pedophilia and condemning a man who they didn’t want in the seat anyway while the far alt right folks are declaring all of this a leftist scheme to defame the ‘good judge’ Roy Moore. Hell, some of his support actually doesn’t care that he likes to flirt around with pre-teens, they will vote for him anyway and justify it via the Bible. But as far as the other candidate taking advantage of this scandal and maybe winning a Senate seat for the Democrats, forget it. Roy Moore will win it. I pretty much guarantee this.

Why? Well first off, who is this ‘other guy’? No one really knows. All we know is that he is a Democrat and Alabama folk hate those Dems. Actually it is a guy named Doug Jones; a long time lawyer who fought for civil rights in Alabama. See? The more you know about him, the less likely he is to win. Democrat AND a civil rights guy? Snowball chance in hell, huh? Secondly, Republicans hate Democrats so much, I mean soooooooooooooooooo much that they will never never never vote for one, much less even regard one as a reasonable candidate. And there is no more Republican state in the Union than Alabama.

A piece of me hopes Roy Moore wins. This the type of guy that Republicans have been defending, funding, and enabling for years; a pro-gun, pro-Christian, anti-everyone-different-than-him, fucking idiot who knows nothing about governing or policy. But what makes this candidate even sweeter is this pedophilia thing. Now even the rank and file Republicans are forced to look at what they have created; a monster which they have no control over. I want them to face this guy and defend him like they did for Trump. Sure, I know Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Co. don’t want this weirdo in office. But when you nurture this divisive and blind hatred for people who have different political ideas than you, well you can get away with anything as long as you have an R by your name.

Even pedophilia.