Sea of Sensationalism

July 16, 1969, NASA launched Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins in Apollo 11 to journey to the moon. July 20, 1969, they landed on the moon. July 21, we planted a flag on the moon, claiming it for America.

I bet you that you did not know this was the week 47 years ago mankind traveled to the moon. I also bet not one media outlet in America will headline this anniversary. And my final bet is when September 11th comes (first Sunday of the NFL I might add), every ounce of media coverage will focus on that anniversary. ‘Never forget’……

Of course we will all forget for another 364 days until the next anniversary.

This is what the media does; focus on divisive or tragic stories, beat them into the ground with similar rhetoric for 24 hours, then drop it to make room for the next news cycle. This is not reporting, this is entertainment.

Look how the media has covered the tragedies in Nice, Dallas, and Turkey (of course not Baghdad, where 300 people died on July 3; you have to look harder for the death of non-European/American people), constant around-the-clock coverage with no real insight. Just a bunch of visuals along with talking heads. Oh yeah, if you want to get on TV, just have an extreme opinion like ‘those cops deserved to die’ or ‘black people are dangerous’ and the news will quickly get you a mike and camera.

But don’t worry, in about 24 hours, all of this will be forgotten. Remember that plane that crashed near Cairo? I don’t either, and I even wrote a post on it.

I am so tired of American media dwelling in tragedy and controversy. You know all outlets are just licking their chops on this GOP convention today. Will there be rioting? Who is speaking today? What will they say? Did Clint Eastwood get an encore invite? Oh, the shitty and inconsequential things to talk about this week.

But none of those things will be on possibly the greatest achievement in humankind. How quickly we forget the good things and how stubborn we are to cling on to the bad things.