It's Soooooooooooo Obvious

I keep watching this news stuff. I am not sure why; this soap opera of a government is riveting but it is also putting a dent into valuable basketball watching.

Regardless, seeing all of the narrative pieces of this new regime coming into place (or falling apart, depending on your view) is interesting. Oh, what a country you live in.

But I have to admit some of the news is getting very monotonous, if not downright obtuse. I keep hearing from news outlets statements like ‘Why is Trump cozying up to Russia? This makes no sense’, ‘Why did Trump hire Flynn; a man so close to Russia’, ‘Why did Flynn lead the chant of ‘Lock her up?’, ‘Where are Trump’s tax returns? This is all so confusing’, and so on.

I have no idea where the confusion lies. Donald Trump, your president, received help from the Russian government to become president and now he is paying them back by lifting sanctions, fighting NATO, and turning a blind eye to Putin’s army maneuvers in the Middle East and Crimea.

Oh yeah, there may be financial interests at stake as well, but I am certain most of this revolves around the more political elements of this web.

So how can I be so sure….I mean I am just a simple guy living in the corner of America, what the hell do I know?

True, I don’t know much. But I know where there is smoke there is fire. This is so painfully obvious I cannot believe any reporting is laden with confusion and questions. Sure, there is a burden of proof the responsible media have that a casual on-line conversation does not need to adhere to, but really….c’mon!!!!

The result of this mess will be ugly for Trump I bet. But in the end he will still have his money, his family, and his 25% of unreasonable saps he has conned. What I want to see is those people who are political leaders; your Mitch McConnells, your Paul Ryans, your Denis Leary..errr…Kelly-Ann Conways, to be branded with a political scar that will never heal. Those guys know exactly what is going on, and their cowardly approach to Trump (which is based solely on their personal agenda) has damaged America greatly. I say ‘Off with their heads!’.

The problem is I bet they will feel little to no retribution for this. People are too quick to forget or people are too quick to not care and move forward to the next story.

Remember, these guys always know more than they are saying to the public. My favor to all you readers is when this presidency ends (and hopefully sooner rather than later), try not to forget who was on who’s side.