State of the Complement of the Union

So yesterday, according to American tradition, Donald Trump was given 1 hour+ to lie to the nation on multiple TV networks.

Yes, this State of the Union speech was highly advertised on all the major news networks with promises of intelligent commentary after.

First off, I understand why these networks hype this event up. I mean they obviously want ratings and some national attention to shine on their network. But who really cares? I mean, at best, this is just another speech by another president that means absolutely nothing. All these State of the Union things are is a chance for the president to brag about his accomplishments and plans for the future. Even in the hands of graceful speakers like Obama, these speeches sound conceited, one-sided, and overbearing. In the hands of Trump…..well….you saw the highlights.

Secondly, I cannot believe these networks really think these State of the Union speeches mean anything. Remember the time when Clinton said this and it changed everything? Or remember when Nixon said that and a lot of really interesting stuff happened later? Of course not!!! None of these things matter at all, and these network pundits have to know better. I mean they have seen more of these things than I have, I hope they have more perspective than to think anything that is said has any meaning. If not, they really do overvalue the importance of politics in regular everyday life of the masses.

Finally, this speech is so hard to watch, why waste valuable TV time on this mindless exercise? Seeing those congress men/women standing O after every single little refrain…..shit……so damn hard to watch. It doesn’t even matter what side of the aisle you are on, seeing these obsequious, spineless, power hungry, and sycophantic representatives and senators go apeshit over any sort of policy mention is utterly vomit-inducing.

Did you watch it? Did you watch all 80+ minutes of his lies? For your sake, I hope not. If you need some show recommendations, here are some that are better and more worthwhile than the State of the Union address:

  • Breaking Bad

  • Downton Abbey

  • Broadchurch

  • Grey’s Anatomy

  • Jerry Springer

  • Dog videos where they get their head caught in fences

  • Cat videos where they fall off of TVs

  • Poo

Pretty much anything in fact.