Missing Link in the Supply Chain

Why is my package late?


Why is there no update on said package?


Why is there a car shortage?


Why is the Scotch supply late to hit the shelves here in the states?


Because apparently Covid has officially found a way to take out the supply chain.

And here I thought Covid was mostly a respiratory disease.

Now I know that so-called ‘experts’ will explain exactly how this pandemic has effected the supply chain; I am sure it has something to do with equation ‘more sick people - delivery people + more people demanding home deliveries = shortage’. But I disagree.

I think Covid is being used as an excuse for all of these hang-ups in the supply chain.

First off, it is not like deliveries were on time all that often before. I mean mail being late is a standard stand-up routine, so the fact that things are still late arriving now is just historically consistent. No need to blame Covid, blame a shoddy system.

Secondly, being in the delivery work force sucks. It is not fun, you don’t get paid all that much, and no one appreciates you. This is their time to sit back, relax a bit, and take it a bit easier because all you need to say is ‘Covid’ and everyone gives you a pass.

And I don’t blame them. I mean everyone else is using this magic excuse to get out of all sorts of responsibilities.

Don’t want to go to the office? Say Covid makes you uneasy and now you can clown around at home on the company’s dime.

Don’t want to have dinner with that lame couple the Parker’s? Just say you have a cough and you are out of it.

Are you a teenager who is struggling in college? Well, shit, you didn’t learn anything your senior year huh? Why? Covid.

Now I am not sure how long we as a society are allowed to use this Covid excuse (although I expect the younger generation is going to use this as the ‘reason’ for all of their failings for the future), but I for one will not let others use Covid as an excuse any more!

Sound harsh?

Well sorry.

Blame Covid.