A Taxing Situation

The biggest issue with this country is the economic gap between the haves and have-nots. In fact I would say that the main reason why Bernie Sanders (and to a lesser degree Trump) became so popular is not for any real policy or tangible solution to the problems of the nation, but for the passionate acknowledgement he has for this wage gap and how damaging it is for the future. I think this is an issue everyone reading is living, because let’s be honest, if you are not making over $1 million a year and do not own your own big business, consider yourself a have-not.

The solution?

Your Republican-led Congress passed a new tax plan that will increase the deficit, reward the 1% with tons of tax breaks, and pretty much drive this country into the ground.

Well, unless there is a 3% or more growth rate from this plan, which is virtually impossible because: a) tax plans never have generated spikes in growth rates b) 3% spike is a huge upturn that will not happen unless something completely unexpected happens, like a generational-changing innovation or we are invaded by space aliens.

Obviously there are tons of problems I have with this tax plan; the way Bob Corker was bought off for his vote by amending the plan to include big cuts to his reality businesses, the fact that Republicans claim to be the fiscally responsible party yet does shit like this, and when this tax plan doesn’t work, all of our entitlements will be slashed (and trust me, military spending will NOT be touched….another thing I can rant about for hours and a another reason why this country sucks ass).

But what bothers me the most is that there will be no accountability when this thing falls apart. The GOP shitheads keep crowing about all of this archaic 1980’s ‘trickle down’ logic that has been proven to be false over and over again and that there will be this guaranteed growth in the job sector as well as wage growth. But when this doesn’t happen (and I would bet my mortgage that is doesn’t happen), who answers to it? If these politicians are so damn cocksure about themselves, put something on the line.

For example, make some quotas that have to be met in order to continue this tax plan (eg: after year 1, we expect this percentage of growth, job rates will be X, etc), and if not, we get to take your car. If the next quota is unmet, we take your house. If the third is not met, we abandon the tax plan and they receive a lifetime ban from policy making.

You know what business sort of does this? Sports. You hire a coach. After year 1, they underachieve, but it is a process. Year 2, still working on things. Year 3 and still no progress, you are fired. Seems reasonable. The difference is that owners/GM’s actually care about winning, politicians do not care about us at all.

So when you file your taxes this year, you may pay a little less than before, but that gap will increase…year after year…until the pigs at the top get as much slop as they want.