The Trump Boys

Oh, those crazy Trump boys are at it again.

If it is not Eric putting his finger in a light socket, it’s Junior licking frozen metal poles. If it is not Junior sticking a Coco Puff up his nose, it is Eric wearing white well after Labor Day.

The only thing that these boys can do ‘right’ is kill innocent animals for no good reason (as seen above).

Well now, these good ole boys are now good ole adults and they still can’t keep out of trouble. Currently, Eric is under investigation for the fact his foundation (the everso cleverly named ‘Eric Trump Foundation’) was not giving all the money from the charity events to the advertised cause…………of kids with cancer. Where did they go? No one really knows. But there is a theory (and by ‘theory’ I mean ‘proof’) that a good portion of the money was used to pay the huge cost of holding this event……… a Trump-owned golf resort. Yeah, guess Eric didn’t have enough connections to get a sweet deal on the facility.

But wait!! Not to be one-upped by his younger, non-Ivana created half-brother, Junior did something even more underhanded.

Yes, we all know this classic story: boy’s dad runs for president, boy wants to impress dad, boy finds Russian insiders to get dirt on opponent, Russians lie and talk about intercontinental adoption laws that are influenced by US sanctions. What a cliche, huh?

Anyway, it is hard to top someone who yanks the rug from cancer kids, but leave it to the boys Trump to find a way. What ‘trumps’ charity fraud? Well, treason does! And that is exactly what Junior did; committed treason.

I think it is the only crime the US Constitution ever mentions. Nice work Junior!

But don’t you worry, neither Eric or Junior will get in trouble. With a GOP-led Congress and your father being the president, no one is going to jail. Hell, no one is even going to pay a fine. You know why? Because they are boys Trump;they are just too precious and cute to actually penalize.

Maybe when Eric tries to top his older, more purebred half-bro, the line will be crossed from silly to criminal. Maybe if Eric outdoes treason with something like….well….murder I guess, things will get serious. But until then, just enjoy laughing with (or at) those crazy Trump boys.