So Different, Yet So Similar

On Monday, this Catholic school kid (along with other kids, goading each other on for sure) was at the front of performance by a Native American giving the performer a smug and dismissive way while wearing a MAGA hat.

Now much of the glitterati wants to physically attack him.

Various tweets by the Hollywood elites have said things like ‘don’t you just want to punch him’, ‘racist’, and other aggressive language.

Of course I don’t really care at all about what famous multi-millionaires have to say about….well…anything that involves politics. But this kind of knee-jerk reaction to this ‘incident’ shows that extreme sides of any issue, left or right, really have the same hateful and intolerant attitudes (even if one of the sides claim to be ‘tolerant’ towards all types of of people).

Much of this hatred towards this kid has ebbed over the past few days; he has gone on air and looked scared and apologetic, basically showing that all he is a jerk kid, which we are were at one time. But this entire thing points to two things that really bug me:

  • Ultra-sensitivity and lack of context towards others who don’t agree with you

  • Holier-than-thou attitudes

I know people like to chime in with strong opinions to get back at others. And yes, I would like to punch the kid as well. Hell, I used to teach that age, so I there are tons of kids I wanted to clock from time to time.

But the difference is that I never publically announced that to people. And I don’t claim to be a moral authority.

That is the problem; these celebrities want this mantle of social watchdog and like to be seen as a voice for America. But if you want that image, you cannot say things that that out loud about kids and still get to maintain moral authority. This kind of language feeds the alt-right narrative of left-wing elites passing judgement on all. There is not a more sissy, sensitive group of people that the alt-right, so I would like the oppostion to them to be a tad bit tougher of mind.

Let’s not feed that dog and start being reasonable again.