Too Many Cooks

It feels so easy to unseat Trump from his presidential throne.

I mean look at all the messes he has caused, do I need to list them all? Foreign policy, domestic policy, economic policy, his corruption, his treasonous acts, and his overall destructive natural makes this a wide open presidential campaign in 2020. In fact you would think that such an unpopular president (approval rate always hovering around 40%) is easy pickins.

Not so fast.

I have a huge fear and this is what it is:

There is a great chance that the Democratic nominee will be determined in a similar fashion as the Republican one in 2016. There were around 15 nominees early in the GOP race. Why? Well, Clinton was an unlikable candidate and it is very hard to get 3 terms of the same party in a row. In other words, there was an opening for the Republicans. Ergo, anyone who was anyone ran. And look who won…the man who sucked the air out of every room and turned all the attention to him. Rank and file Republicans hated this, but that is what happened.

This is not an uncommon thing; in a race with many candidates, the sensible ones can be drowned out by the extreme message, and lo and behold you get a candidate that appeals to 20% of the voters while the other candidates divvy up the other 80%. If the Democrats go too hard left, this will alienate the voting public and the likelihood of Trump winning goes up a ton.

My point to the Democratics is that do NOT embrace this extreme left stance that certain candidates are calling for. Please don’t. Even if you like that platform, don’t do it! You will not win.

I like Bernie Sanders, and some of his stuff sounds OK. But it will NOT win an election. This Cortez Green New Deal will NOT win an election. She is a media whore just like Trump, only cares about herself and wants attention on her. Do NOT fall for this trap.

Yes, Trump’s extreme messages did win him the election, but it was so close and so improbable, it is something that you do not want to count on. I would maintain a more reasonable GOP candidate would have won the popular vote and the electoral and would in turn have a better chance of getting re-elected.

You do not fight extremism with extremism. I know there is a good candidate in that miasma of candidates, I just hope we chose wisely.