Gimme Back My Sunday!!!

OK, I hate this subject, but everyone seems to be chiming in with their ‘hot take’ so I feel the need to am only going to address this. But only one time I’ll talk about it. Promise.

I hate Donald Trump so much. This mentally handicapped president is taking away my Sunday! My Sunday….free of such things as politics and serious global issues… now littered with political rhetoric. And this even oozes into M-F on sports talk. Dammit Trump! Is anything sacred anymore? Not only are you taking away America’s dignity and status in the world, you are also taking away my sanctuary. What a fuckin’ selfish ass!!! And all the media is being distracted by this ass!! He talks NFL instead of the devastation of Puerto Rico and all the rats follow his pied-self wherever he wants to go. Idiots!!

Honestly don’t care at all about NFL players sitting for the anthem. Why do we even need to play that awkwardly composed song before games anyway? I am not into socially-forced jingoism. And even if I liked the work of Keys and served 3 stints in Afghanistan, I would still root for Michael Bennett to sack the damn QB (something he has NOT done in long time I may add) every Sunday…and sometimes on Monday. Also, any person is entitled to their thoughts and opinions on things. I guess that is important as well.

However there is something I find interesting about all of this, and it is the argument from football fans saying they agree with the premise of the protest but not the method. Well, isn’t one of the major elements of a protest is to make people uncomfortable to draw attention to it? What would be a more preferred method of protest? How about they bake oatmeal raisin cookies for us in protest? I would prefer that method as well, but not sure if it would have as much teeth. In other words, the fact people don’t like it makes it far more effective. And this protest doesn’t even affect any of us directly, like a protest holding up traffic or an economic boycott or even worse, them not playing the game at all. I feel lucky it hasn’t gotten to that yet.

Anyway, if you are one of those people who agree with Trump on this issue and demand all people to ‘respect this country’ (again, from a man who brags about not paying his share of taxes and has never shown he about America in any tangible way) and you are a football fan, just do this:

Look at the faces of the players. What color are they? Are these the men you cheer for/against every single weekend? Are these the men who represent the team you have followed for decades? Are these the men who control the fate of your franchise, your city, and possibly your emotional state? Well, maybe just a little bit of empathy should be shown for their cause.

Just a little bit. Is that too much to ask?