Know Your Audience

Yesterday Trump made a campaign speech. This in itself is a very odd thing, considering the election was 10 months ago and the next one won’t be for another 3 years. But what makes this speech even stranger is that it was given in front of the UN; an organization with exactly zero legal voters in the US.

The speech was typical Trump; full of bluster and chest-beating and no substance at all (apparently a trait 46.4%, or 62,984,825 voting Americans value). He mentioned how great America is since his election and that the US is strong again all due to his brilliance; boasting to other world leaders like an undrafted NBA rookie trash talking LeBron James. Trump sabre-rattled some more about North Korea and also mentioned the ‘one-sided’ nature of the Iran deal, pretty much offending everyone in the room. The speech was pathetic, embarrassing, and harmful.

I feel like Trump is like that racist grandfather; yes he is embarrassing and no one really listens to him, but when kept within friendly confines, the family shame can be minimized. But there is always a point when ole’ gramps finds his way into the outside world and now that idiotic rhetoric is spewed for public consumption. Careful distancing from his statements and rampant apologies ensue. Trump was let outside the American family yesterday. I am sorry world, he doesn’t represent me or any intelligent person in the US.

There is nothing else to really say about any of this. All of this stupidity and shameful behavior seems like a weekly occurrence here in America. But I just want to offer one suggestion: never forget that this is not normal, nor should it ever be. Despite being inundated with countless malfeasancies from this man over and over again, just never be immune to the harmful and long-term impact these actions may have. Because if we all just simply get ‘used to it’, we may forget how this country SHOULD be when 2018 and 2020 roll around.