Who Is the Crazy One?

I often wondered how Seattle will meet its demise. Will it be by earthquake? Will it be by volcano? Will it be by a tsunami? Will it be by an angry swarm of bees from Canada? Well apparently it will be none of those.

It will be when North Korea bombs Seattle with their missile-ready nuclear weapons.

We all know Donald Trump is an idiot. Scratch that. Everyone who has an IQ above 80 knows Donald Trump is an idiot. But for the most part thus far, he has been a harmless idiot. Just a pathetic, whiny victim always crying for attention. But when he starts bloviating to other egotistical delusional leaders with nuclear weapons, things become a bit more serious. Don’t know what I mean? Reference his ‘Fire and Fury’ monologue (whatever the hell that means) given ad-lib yesterday.

North Korea has reported to have missiles that can reach as far as the Pacific Coast, within a year missiles that will reach as far as middle America. Granted, the accuracy of this new intel is highly questionable, but I think it is pretty much known that North Korea is developing this these type of weapons and sometime soon this capability will be a 100% reality.

Luckily for Trump, he doesn’t really care about the left coast. He might actually want us over on this side of the country to end up in the ocean because, well, we didn’t vote for him. One thing I know is that Trump cares only about one person, and those against him hurt his feelings. It also may help his re-election bid in 2020. Also, his religious right cronies won’t care if Seattle, San Francisco, and other progressive cities will end up in the drink; they will just chalk it up to God’s wrath.

So given the fact that about 35% of our own country would like Seattle and friends to cease existing, I think Kim Jong-un should threaten Trump’s base: Wyoming, Alabama, Montana, etc. That way, maybe Trump will start caring a bit more about his words and do something more constructive. And really North Korea doesn’t need to waste a missile on this side of the country anyway; Seattle will burn when Mt. Rainier blows up, San Francisco will crumble when the San Andreas fault line shifts, and Los Angeles will cease to be when they all choke on their own pretentiousness.