Helter Skelter

I have started listening to a new podcast yesterday called Cults. It is about cults.

Very apropos title.

Cults is pretty good. The hosts are rather wooden and way too scripted, even in their ‘friendly’ banter. However the information in their broadcast is pretty darn good.

The first episode was about Charles Manson. I really didn’t know many details about him or his family, so most of this story was new to me. Anyway, did you know this guy was crazy?!?!?! I don’t mean like ‘he is so crazy’ type of crazy. I mean like legit insane. WOW!

So in the podcast, they said he was a psychopath. Again, I don’t mean in some casual way like ‘my friend, he he wants to wrestle an alligator, what a psychopath’ kind of way. I mean in the clinical way.

There are 10 well defined traits of psychopaths that was laid out by the podcasters. And yes, these have been confirmed by independent research done by me (aka, Google search):

  1. Lack of Empathy

  2. Manipulation

  3. Irresponsibility and Impulsiveness

  4. Narcissism

  5. Pathological Liar

  6. Superficial Charm

  7. Lack of Remorse

  8. Boredom and Constant Searching for Thrills

  9. Aggression and Bullying

  10. Thirst for Power

Holy shit!?!?! Are you thinking what I am thinking?

These are all the traits of the current president of the United States!!!!!! I mean on the nose. No deviation from any of these traits at all.

I mean look at these one at a time:

  1. Lack of Empathy - Look at the way he handled the Sgt. David Johnson death when he called the wife. Uhhhh, yeah, that was weird.

  2. Manipulation - Fake news? All mainstream media are liars? Obviously an end goal there

  3. Irresponsibility and Impulsiveness - I’ll directly quote my source: ‘Psychopaths are often inconsistent about their actions. They think that the things they want are much more important than what other people want. And you can never make them answer for their mistakes or failures. They will blame you for their own mistakes to stress you out.’ Pretty much exact, huh. Oh yeah, he is now saying that the Access Hollywood tape is not his voice. Really?

  4. Narcissism - Do I even need to elaborate on this one? Every damn time he talks, he has to brag. It is really is relentless.

  5. Pathological Liar - This man cannot tell the truth at all. Even if the truth is easier or innocuous, he will go out of his way to lie. He simply can’t help himself.

  6. Superficial Charm - Now this one is more debatable. But try reading Breitbart. You will see that there is a certain segment of the population that find him very charming and charismatic. I don’t see it, but it is there.

  7. Lack of Remorse - Again, to quote my source: ‘Such people think that behavior rules, morality, and laws are unnecessary regulations. They don’t understand the point of these regulations, so they steal, break driving rules, and deceive other people without feeling guilty. Their favorite thing to do is set up other people’. Yeah, on the nose, huh?

  8. Boredom and Constant Searching for Thrills - The White House staffers constantly say that Trump has no attention span at all. He cannot read through any briefing session, needs to be entertained, and has no interest in continuing any discussion that is not about him directly. Not my source, this comes from the White House leakers.

  9. Aggression and Bullying - Pretty much every tweet he ever launched about North Korea…..or anything for that matter. Look at the way he treats his opponents, Hillary Clinton, any Democratic senators, or even the GOP senators that disagree with him. If all of these traits ring true, it is this one more than any of them.

  10. Thirst for Power - Well, the fucker is president. Proof is right there on that one.

Honestly this is no laughing matter; our president is a true psychopath. The president of the United States, a man who 47% of the voting public deemed as a fitting leader of this nation, is pretty much the same as Charles Manson sans the swastika carved into his forehead.

Is he your president? Because he certainly isn’t mine.