The People's Voice

In a few weeks, we as Americans get to vote. Everyone is telling us that this is the most important election ever, history is in the balance….yaddayaddayadda.

Anyway, one of the hot topics in this election is voter suppression. Issues in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, etc. about not allowing black people (aka Democrats) to vote using various sneaky tactics.

But this post is not about bashing voter suppression. In fact I believe fewer people should be allowed to vote. But the current way voter suppression is going is something I don’t agree with (in fact I sort of believe white men should not be allowed to vote anymore based on their current record). I’ll tell you what I think we should do about voting………….

In order to vote, you have to take a test. An easy test. 20 questions or so. All the questions are about how the government works; very fact based and not at all opinion based. All the answers are online. No surprises. You have to get 100% on this test in order to be allowed to vote. If you don’t you get to take it again, same questions, until you get 100% on it. Then you are allowed to vote.

That easy.

Seems like a waste of time, huh. But trust me, as a former teacher, you would be shocked about how ignorant people are. And this type of test would not only possibly disqualify the idiots, it would teach (or remind) these people how things actually work.

Sample question: The ______ branch makes laws. The answer is legislative. I would take Congress, Senate, House, or something in that ballpark. I am not asking for details, just some general knowledge about the country you live in.

And a basic test makes logical sense as well. Does it seem fair that some idiot who knows nothing about government gets to cancel out another vote from a person who actually takes voting seriously?

I am tired of the idea of letting the people’s voices being heard. Have you heard what the people say? These are the same people that make Bud Light the highest selling beer in American. These are the same people that watch NCIS and make it the highest rated TV show. These are the same people that support the idea that Transformers is a viable movie franchise. And don’t even look at who is running the White House right now. As far as I am concerned, I think the people have said enough. I don’t want MORE people voicing their shitty opinion, I want SMARTER people to voice their not-as-shitty opinion.

Now you may be saying to yourself that I just want to do this to disqualify people who disagree with me. NO!! Well, yes. But NO!!! It is not a test of opinion, it is a test of facts (although I would prefer a test of things like ‘do you actually believe the Earth is 4000 years old’ or ‘are you retarded enough to believe climate change is not real’. But I digress….).

I know this will never fly. Other than our country revels in idiocy and not in knowledge, white GOP members would figure out a way to use a test to eliminate minorities in voting. But on a pure level, this really is a great idea.

So next week, go out there and vote! But only if you know anything.