You Go, Woman

Over this past weekend, women (and men) throughout the entire nation gathered together en masse to walk around for a few miles in a sign of protest of the new exhalted leader himself, Donald J. Trump. Protests like this sprouted all sorts of cities; Washington DC (500,000), Los Angeles (750,000), Austin (40,000), Seattle (130,000), even little ole’ Tucson (6,000) partook in this pedestrial affair. Heck, even other cities in other countries love the idea of hating Trump: London (100,000), Sydney (10,000), and Moosejaw (1).

So that got me wondering: who are these ‘women’ and what are they complaining about?

My only true knowledge of women come from my dear mother and the countless other girls that rejected me in high school. In other words, I needed to do some research on the matter of ‘women’.

After many hours of research done in the Seattle Public Library, I came across many interesting facts about ‘women’:

Did you know:

  • There are about 157 million….yes MILLION females (a more technical term for ‘women’) in this country alone. Many other studies indicate there are even more females outside the borders.

  • This 157 million constitutes over HALF (50.4%) of the US population

  • Women have the right to vote, but only since 1920. So about half the population for the majority of America’s existence was not allowed to have a say in politics.

  • Women have the right to drive. Although it is widely believed women are inferior drivers, women’s insurance rates are by in large less than men’s, indicating that women are indeed safer motorists.

  • The first woman elected to the Supreme Court was in 1980, again despite the majority of people in the US being of the female persuasion.

  • 20% of senators are women. Calculations derived from my abacus indicate that is a lower number than 50.4%.

  • 19.4% of the House of Representatives are women. Ironic the term ‘representative’ is used.

  • 0% of all American presidents have been female.

  • Due to modern-day science, there is actually no need for males to exist in order for humankind to survive.

All of my studies make me come to one conclusion: why haven’t women protested earlier? This kind of power imbalance, where the minority rules over the majority, parallels the English rule in India, or the English rule in South Africa. It is almost like our country is founded off of English rule.

Anyway, we can snicker and jest about how much a single march can actually do to change policy or the power in this country (lord knows I do, you know that ‘locker room’ talk we guys all do), but I think it is awesome that so many people in so many places are at least recognizing there is something wrong with the way things are.

I mean look at this picture:

That is Trump signing an executive order that bans federal funding for international health organizations perform or even educate patients about abortion services. Notice something missing from that gaggle of plutocrats?

That image is everything that is wrong in a microcosm.

So my plea is do not forget the cause, always be vigilant, and stay active. I will always march side-by-side with on these causes. Well, as long as UA basketball is not playing at the same time.