There's a Storm A Comin'

This past weekend, Typhoon Songda decided to pay a visit to the Pacific Northwest. Locally this was advertised as the biggest storm to hit Seattle in the last 10 years. Threats of power outages, trees falling left and right, and rain so thick you can’t even see latte in front of your face.

Well, it turned out to be about the third worst storm to hit here in the past 8 months.

There were no severe long term power outage. There were some tree branches strewn around, and the rain was about as thin as a bulimic version of Lara Flynn Boyle (not sure if that is still a relevant reverence, but she is bony thin for your information). Yeah, there were some areas near the coast and some places in Oregon that got it much worse, but who cares about those spots? I mean I don’t live there.

Anyway, this is another example of how the news love to sensationalize their stories. Typhoon Songda did not kick down the door to the PNW and say ‘RAHRRRR’, as per advertised. Mr (or Ms, gender assignment of storms always confuses me) Songda pretty much knocked politely and said ‘Hey there. Mind if I blow a few garbage bags around and lightly drench your streets?’.

Saturday evening, the time that Songda was supposed to rip through the Sound like Long John Silver’s rips through your digestive track, I was holed up in my little condo, shaking with the fear of losing power and possibly missing valuable TV viewing for the evening. I was especially worried about my dog, because as we all know, animals can sense when a bad storm is a brewin’ and may act up.

Here is a picture of her during the ‘storm of the decade’:

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

So my message to KIRO 7, KOMO 4, and KING 5, the local harbingers of this apocalyptic message:

You owe me a Saturday!