The Great Escape

Today officially marks the 454 day anniversary of what quite possibly is the greatest moment in Seattle zoological history. I call it ‘The Great Escape’.

Just watch

Yes, that was real and it happened at the Seattle Aquarium.

Even though that little guy didn’t make it over the edge (which would have certainly lead to his immediate death because octopi can’t live on dry land), no one can’t look at that footage and be inspired.

I mean the bravery, the strength of mind, the sheer will to attempt such an endeavor should be used as a motivating tool for our everyday lives.

I mean how many of us are in a stale career, or a bad relationship, or get ripped off by a hooker, and do nothing about it? I mean I don’t even leave boring seminars early due to the possibility I would draw attention to myself.

We need to be more like the octopus; when eh is tired of a scene he doesn’t just sits there and mopes, he takes action. He is a cephalopod who doesn’t take no for an answer. I wish I had half the heart compared to one of his three hearts….which I guess would be 1/6 of a heart if you total them up. I’m not really sure if that is fair though because the term ‘heart’ really refers to the courage of someone, not really the heart as an organ that pumps blood. So in a sense I guess an octopus has only one ‘heart’ of courage but three hearts that do the blood pumping stuff.

Anyway….I forgot…..oh yeah. That octopus is AWESOME!!