He Hate Me

First off, some may not remember the title reference, so to refresh your memory:


Rod Smart…..

OK, this guy:

It’s said a bad joke is one you have to explain. But it fits well, so shut up.

Anyway, the people pictured above are Pramila Jayapal and Brady Walkinshaw. They are both progressive Democrats running for some seat in the House, or whatever.

What are they running on? No one knows or cares. All I know is she advertises hard about being a woman and Indian (the ones from India, not the ones where we destroy their land for pipelines) and he lets everyone know he is a gay Hispanic.

That’s pretty much all people in Seattle need to know before they vote, because we ‘care sooo much about the issues here and never discriminate’.

So why am I bringing these two up? Well, the ad campaigns, especially one of them, is something so stupid I could not believe it.

Brady, or as he likes to call himself ‘the gay one’, launched a TV ad criticizing Pramila, or as she likes to call herself ‘the woman who is not white’, about being absent for many votes during her time as a State Senator.

Seems reasonable. I mean there is nothing low or scandalous about this accusation. Just she has a record for not being there to vote all the time.

Well, she did not like this at all. So she launched her one ad campaign stating this……..and I quote:

‘Brady Walkinshaw continues to bash women……’

It goes on to another topic after that.

Wait, what? The only women he ‘bashed’ was her!!!!!!! So she is claiming he is a misogynist who bashes women because he questioned her voting record.

Wow. That really tells you something about her character and thin skin. There was nothing, and I mean nothing, that he ever said that anyone would consider ‘bashing women’. This is like if I brushed shoulders with her on the sidewalk and she pepper sprays me.

This is so stupid and insane I hope she loses. I really don’t know her stance on anything and it doesn’t matter because there are only two issues I care about locally and this seat is not concerned with those local dealings.

So ‘the gay one’ errrrrrrrrr Brady. I am on your side, even though you are down in the polls by quite a bit. Maybe if you become transgender or prove Pramila is in brown face that will help. But until then, I think you should never say anything critical about any woman who ever existed if you want to run again.