Optical Illusions

Many times things seem better than they appear. Under the proper lightning, distance, etc, someone can turn a turd into truffle. This is very true with city landscapes.

A city is sort of like a stripper, from afar and under dim lighting, this is the sexiest most provokative thing you have ever seen. But upon further inspection, you see the cracks of the infrastructure. All of the sudden something that seems so young and virile looks worn out, smells like an odd combo of vanilla and sweat, and is swimming in disease.

For example, this is what Seattle looks like:

Look how beautiful it looks! I feel like I am in the not-so-distant future when I see this. But when you take a closer look…..

That is where I live. Every day I have to deal with this construction. There are literally times I cannot drive my car due to the traffic and construction. I am trapped ala Admiral Ackbar!

I know construction is the sign of a city growing and thriving, but it is also a sign of raising rent, loud noises, and overall inconvienence.

Bums to the left of me, bums to the right; always wanting my money. Pretentious businessmen speaking too loudly on their cell. Annoying hipsters acting like everthing is ‘sooooo ironic’. Construction people yelling at me when I accidently tread near their hallowed workspace. Bus drivers letting hobos on the bus yet belittle me when I try to board the bus too soon because didn’t see the wheelchair guy needing the ramp. ARGH!!!!

Yet, much like the stripper, I am still attracted to entire scene; genital warts and all.