Reality Estate

The other day a friend of mine made a comment about this site. He said ‘although your posts are funny to read, they are laced with a good amount of anger. Why not do a nicer, happier post?’. Well, he may have a point, so here is one of those posts.

Seattle is a very expensive place to live. Renting in Seattle proper costswell over 1.2k for a studio, over 1.7k for a one bedroom, 2k for two bedroom. And as far as buying ahouse goes, well you better be making 150k+ to start thinking about it. This is not so uncommon for any big city. I mean SF costs twice of what Seattle costs, and any place that good job growth is going to encounter this issue soon.

But there is a bright side to this: none of this really matters.

Why is that? Eventually we will all die in a earthquake/tsunami/volcano explosion soon enough, so it doesn’t really matter what the cost is of doomed real estate.

According to my calculations, the chances of a simutaneous earthquake/tsunami/volcano explosion is quite slim. However, any one of those three things will happen soon, which increases the likelihood of our impending doom.

You know that prized real esate on the coast? It’s pretty much gone. You know those downtown lofts that are over 1 mil? They are toast. Whether by a big tidal wave coming all the way from the middle of the Pacific Ocean, to Mt Rainer expoding hot lava all over everyone, or Mother Earth swallowing up entire chunks of Seattle, we are pretty much dead.

The results from my simulations indicate that there is a 95% chance that a earthquake/tsunami/volcano explosion will happen within the next week to 10,000 years. Yes fellow Seattleites, the end is nigh.

But take solace in the fact that no matter how much you need to spend to live in our beautiful city, it will be gone soon enough. So breathe that sigh of relief.