The Revolution Will Not Be Televised....Although I Wish It Was

I am so tired of the East Coast media. It is like anything outside the NYC-Boston-Philly-DC area is not worth commenting on.

Every stupid preseason report in sports revolves around NY, Boston, Philly, and DC teams. Wait?! Didn’t the Royals win the World Series? Why are they reporting on the Yankees. Didn’t the Broncos win the Super Bowl? Why are we at the Jets camp. Only the Cowboys and Lakers have escaped this East Coast bias, all other teams are relatively irrelevant to the nation media.

Even in politics this exists. Why can I name the last 4 New York City mayors but never knew Tucson’s mayor when I lived there? Why can I name both Massachusetts senators but don’t know either of Washington’s?

Studies have shown that less than 50% of America’s population is not in NYC, Boston, Philly, or DC. So why do they garner all the attention?

This goes well beyond sports and politics. Even tragedies gets disproportional coverage.

Remember Hurricane Katrina? It claimed 1,836 lives in NoLa. Remember the 1989 SF earthquake? 3,800 injured. The Oklahoma City bombing? 700 injured. The 2011 Tohoku tsunami? 16,000 dead. But that is not America, so that doesn’t count.

Yes, all of those events were covered, but would not be as remembered if they happened in an area further right on the map.

Need some evidence?

Remember the Boston Marathon bombing? I bet you do….’Boston Strong’ and all that stuff. 3 dead.

Ever heard of the Boston Massacre? In every textbook and taught by every school. 5 dead.

I know what you are going to say….’Well what about 9/11? That attack claimed 3000 lives, it deserves a ton of media attention’.

Well, duh. Of course it does. I am not fighting that battle. But there is such an East Coast elitism to media coverage, something must be done.

So I am starting a new movement……

We have ‘Black Lives Matter’. We have ‘Blue Lives Matter’. We even have ‘Deplorable Lives Matter’.

Now we have ‘West Coast Lives Matter’.

Yes, the people on the left side of America matter just as much as the right side. Just because I don’t live in New York City doesn’t mean I am not a person.

You may be saying something like this: ‘Hey, why are you ignoring the lives of some Americans. Don’t all lives matter?’

Well, no I am not ignoring them and yes all lives matter. I think about those 5 people that died 240 years ago in the Boston Massacre every day. I’m just tired of this area being ignored in the mainstream media.

Someday, I dream of an America where the media agrees with this equation:

West Coast Life = East Coast Life

But until that day, my movement, my revolution will not rest.

Or I find something else to do.